legendOn the eve of the Great Cat Hunt, the medicine man gave his warriors a sip of serum, instilling tremendous strength and stamina. Legend recounts a story of an overzealous, young warrior that crept into the medicine mans hut and drank a bottle of the potent concoction. It was said that he was last seen on the morning of the hunt running away from the village with a pack of wildcats. The natives mourned his disappearance but soon after stories emerged of a Cat-Like-Man.

Decade’s later local fisherman tell the tale of the Catman stealing their bait and fleeing into the Backcountry Trails. Others claimed the Catman was watching them through the woods when gathering berries or chopping wood. One local alleged to see the Catman drown an alligator to prevent it from attacking a wildcat.

Legend has it that when exploring the Backcountry Trail, if you listen for the whispers, a rustling in the leaves and keep a sharp eye out you might catch a glimpse of the legendary Catman.

Several sites in the park used by Native Americans, possibly thousands of years ago, and early American settlers from the 1700’s, developed into hunting trails, paths and logging roads. The Backcountry Trail rediscovered these paths, to include the Original Catman Road, and speckled them with amenities. The screened Pavilion is a perfect site for a picnic before wandering through the nearby Butterfly Garden or a peaceful place to gather for a group meeting. The park is also host to several public events throughout the year including various fun runs, half marathons, hayrides and fundraisers.

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