bridging the Backcountry Trail between two sister cities is the newest addition to the Gulf State Park, Coyote Crossing.  The 2-mile stretch starts at the Gulf Oak Ridge trailhead and winds west all the way to Hwy. 59, where a crosswalk allows access to the paved path running five miles down Fort Morgan Road. Its name, derived by a combination of entries from Facebook fans, gives homage to the wildlife indigenous to our coastal region. Avid enthusiast can now travel from west Gulf Shores all the way to Orange Beach without ever getting into a car, touring 40 miles round trip on safe and scenic paved paths.

Coyote Crossing is a highlight to this exceptional trail system and was made possible by a Trail Enhancement (TE) Grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation, paying 80% of the construction costs.  The city of Gulf Shores funded the remaining 20% of construction and design expenses to complete this vital section and provide visitors access to some of Alabama’s most unique and diverse natural environments while enjoying the many wonders of the Gulf State Park.

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