Eco-Tours Are Open Again

The Backcountry Trail Eco-Tour is open for business. The cost per rider is $15 and the cart can carry up to 5 people. The tour begins and ends at the Orange Beach City Hall and usually lasts around 2 1/2 hours. The ride covers 15 miles of scenic trail in Gulf State Park. For reservations, call 981-1062 or 981-1063.

Please be aware of extreme heat conditions out on the trail. Whether you take the eco-tour, walk or bike the trail, it is very hot so take precautions to guard against the high temperatures and humidity. It’s a really good idea to have water and bug spray with you. The tours are currently being booked for 9:00 am only during the summer months in order to avoid the even hotter afternoon temps.

(251) 981-1180