Looking for adventure?

All ages can enjoy and appreciate a good treasure hunt; and that’s what you get when you go geocaching on the Backcountry Trail! Home to many beautiful birds, animals, plants and flowers, but more recently it has become home to hundreds of containers called geocaches. These containers vary in size from smaller than a pill bottle to the size of a large lunchbox, and contain various items for other people to find. But how do you find these little treasure boxes?

Just follow these six simple steps!

Step One – Sign up for a free account at www.geocaching.com
Step Two – Search for a cache using the Hide & Seek a Cache page*
Step Three – Select a cache and enter the coordinates into your GPS or smart phone*
Step Four – Use your GPS or smart phone to locate the geocache
Step Five – Take something, leave something – and make sure you sign the log book
Step Six – Log your visit online at www.geocaching.com and share photos/stories of your search
* There are some phone apps for free or for purchase that will allow you to skip these two steps entirely!

So what are you waiting for – grab the family and go geocaching on the Backcountry Trail today – you never know what you’ll find!

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