The City of Orange Beach Wildlife Center

The City of Orange Beach’s Wildlife Program Needs Your Help

The City of Orange Beach, out of both desire and necessity, currently maintains trained staff and equipment to facilitate response to incidents involving wildlife. In some cases the incidents are management issues involving nuisance animals but, in many cases we respond to injured animals in need of assistance. These incidents include entanglements, vehicle strikes, building strikes, nest destruction and more. 

We work with many different organizations throughout the local area, state and region to ensure these animals are given the best opportunity to recover and be released back into the wild. In situations where animals are injured severely and must be euthanized we are there to ensure the animal does not suffer unnecessarily.

A large part of our responsibility is the education of the public. In most situations education about coexistence, conflict prevention and animal behavior could prevent the incidents we respond to.

The program has operated for years without a designated facility. To facilitate better care and serve as a center of operations for the program we have been renovating an older city owned structure with minimal funding. This facility will serve as a short-mid term treatment and recovery location for our wildlife until they can be released or transferred for long term rehabilitation.

We are seeking donations of specific items and developing a base of volunteer staff to assist with the program as it grows. Of course monetary donations always provide the greatest flexibility but, we are interested in all forms of assistance. We are currently forming a foundation dedicated to wildlife and filing the proper documentation for non-profit status.

We hope this most recent and gracious donation of Hangout Fest VIP Cabana Tickets from Bob and Susan Shallow of Re/Max Paradise will raise the funds we desperately need to push our remodel work the last mile and open the facility.  It is our plan to develop this facility further so the public can visit and see the the many benefits and good works of this program.  

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