Wildlife In Gulf State Park

Over the years, some people have reported seeing some very interesting insects, birds and mammals out on the Backcountry Trail. Below are some pictures of critters that may or may not be in Gulf State Park. Can you identify the following and decide if it might be found along the trail?

Monarch: Yes, migratory.
Black bear: No, last seen in Gulf State Park in the early 1980’s.


Bald Eagle: Yes, occassionaly winters here along the coast.


Jaguarundi: No, … still there have been many unverified sightings of this Central American cat in the area.


Coati: No, but several reported sightings. Native to the Southwest  U.S. and Mexico.


Feral Hogs: Yes, especially on Rosemary Dunes Trail.

Hyena: No, go ahead and laugh but there have been some reported sightings!

Coyotes: Yes. These have the mange. Probably why we have dingo and hyena reports.

Dingo: No,people are probably confusing it with those coyotes.


Gulf Fritillary: Yes, very common.


Whitetail Deer: Yes, many and it is against the law to hunt in the Park.

Wolf: No, there might be a Wolf Bay but there aren’t any wolves around.

Swallowtail: Yes, can be seen in various places along the trail.

Trumpeter Swan: No. I added this one because I like them.


River otter: Yes, can be seen in ponds or lakes near the Backcountry Trail.


Six Lined Race Runner: Yes. Try catching one.

Gopher Tortoise: Yes, mostly on Rosemary Dunes Trail.

Cottonmouth Mocassin: Unfortunately, yes. Found mostly on trails near water.

American Crocodile: No, just alligators here. Crocodiles are found only in South Florida.


Turkey: No and I have never had a report of one being sighted in the park.

I hope that this helps familiarize you with a some of the ”real” wildlife and “rumored” wildlife out on the Backcountry Trail. If you are able to do so, try taking a camera with you when you are out walking or biking. You never know what you might see.   


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